Rhino Classic

The Rhino Classic mixes stunning design with awesome playability and delivers it at a price point that other companies can't compete with.

Whilst the Classic will fit into bars and restaurants, we really designed this table for the luxury home market where it's timeless blend of wood finsh and rose gold metal harware will make it the stunning centerpiece of any room.

As with all Rhino tables it comes with an impressive accessory set aimed at providing the very best in class playability. Andy 920 Pro Tour Cloth, the new and highly reactive Cyclop Hyperion Balls and a light of your choice are all included in the price, as is a full accessory set and free installation in your home or business premises.

Available in 8ft and 9ft sizes - we also have limited stock of black finish in the 8ft size. Hit the Make Enquiry button above to open Messenger and get an instant response, or send us an email and we'll get back to you within 4 hours.


  • What accessories come with the table?

    Cyclop Hyperion Balls
    ANDY 920 Cloth (Electric Blue) or Andy 988 (Powder Blue)
    4 x house cues
    1 x Universal style cue rest
    Table cover
    12 x Chalk
    Wall rack for up to 5 cues

    We also stock a wide range of lights and other accessories, please ask for details.

  • What size room do I need?

    For perfect cueing room these are the minimum room sizes:

    7ft -   395cm x 490cm
    8ft  -  410cm x 520cm
    9ft  -  425cm x 550cm

    However it is possible to use the table without significant loss of playability at about 15cm (6 inches) less than these figures if you have a 52” (or shorter) cue on standby.

    If you are unsure about anything at all with the setup of your room please get in touch - we're here to help.

  • How long is the warranty?

    Our standard warranty is 5 years - this covers everything on the table except the cloth and the balls.

    Our tables are absolutely rock solid and have almost nothing that can go wrong with them - they will look as good after 5 years as they did the day they were installed.

  • What size are the pockets?

    The pockets and cushions are set in the factory to ensure consistency from table to table.

    On our 7ft tables the corner pockets are 11.7cm - the side pockets are 12.9cm mouth to mouth.
    On our 8ft tables the corner pockets are 12cm - the side pockets are 13.2cm mouth to mouth.
    On the 9ft tables the corner pockets are 11.7cm - the side pockets are 12.9cm mouth to mouth.

    Other angles of note are the cushion facing angle which we set at around 141 degrees, and the facing down angle we set at 14 degress. Cushion height is 36mm. For any other specs please get in touch.

  • What colour cloth is available?

    All of our tables come as standard with either Andy 920 Electric Blue, or Andy 988 Powder Blue. Other cloth colours are available on request, extra charges may apply.

  • Are the tables drop pocket or ball return?

    All of our tables are drop pocket - we currently do not offer ball return systems on any of our tables.

  • Are the tables OK for outdoor use?

    Yes - in covered outdoor areas absolutely no worries and unlike most other tables available in Thailand ours won't slow down when it gets humid (as long as you keep the cloth and balls in good condition).

    It's worth remembering though that on tables that are installed outside the cloth lifespan will be shorter as bugs get squashed into the cloth when the balls roll over them - expect to be changing cloths on outdoor tables every 6 months as opposed to every 1-2 years (or more) on indoor tables.