Wondering which balls are better – Aramith or Cyclop?

In this blog post we look at the differences between the two tournament grade balls sets and explain why we choose to supply the new Cyclop Hyperion balls as standard with every RHINO Pool Table we make.

We often get asked – who is Andy? Andy is the name of the cloth we use as standard on all of our tables.

It’s kind of weird with it being a common name in English, but we’ve gotten over that now and appreciate it for what it is – a great playing, long life range of pool cloth at excellent prices.

The new Cyclop Hyperion have taken the World of professional pool by storm becoming the first ball set to be endorsed by the World Pool Association (WPA).

After nearly 3 years of constant development by Taiwanese company Cyclop Pool Tables and American based Diamond Pool Tables – the Cyclop Hyperion have emerged as the new gold standard in pool ball technology.

ANDY cloth is one of the most robust cloths on the market, but all pool table cloths require a bit of love and attention to keep them in top playing condition.

Take a look at the tips on this page to learn how to keep your cloth playing to it’s best potential.