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May  01, 2019

The international pool scene has for many years been dominated by Aramith balls – the Belgium pool ball maker owned by the same company that make the Simonis cloth.

However in recent years a Taiwanese company has come along and shaken things up by releasing another high grade Phenolic resin ball set – Cyclop. Their first set of balls were called Cyclop Zeus, these are still available to buy but in 2018 Cyclop released the truly innovative Hyperion ball set – the balls that come with every Rhino Pool table.

Both Aramith and Cyclop are made from Phenolic resin, a super hard material that is widely recognised as the optimum material for making billiards balls (but technically it’s very difficult to manufacture – each Cyclop ball goes through a 16-step process that takes 23 days to complete). To date only Aramith, Cyclop, Cosmos and have been able to produce colour stable, tournament grade balls using Phenolic resin. For the purpose of this blog post we will ignore South Korean Cosmos as they only have one set of pool balls – they focus mainly on Carom balls.

Both Cyclop and Aramith balls are tried and tested, high quality balls. However, after 20 years of research into the perfect pool ball Cyclop balls have gone down a slightly different route to Aramith and come up with a ball that has several advantages:

1.  Cyclop balls are more resistant to dirt than Aramith. One of the major downsides of the Aramith formula is that the balls get dirty very quickly and require constant cleaning to keep them in optimum playing condition. The Cyclop balls have been formulated to resist grease and chalk clinging to the ball surface and are much easier to clean as and when required.

2.  They’re significantly cheaper if you live in Asia. Cyclop balls are made with American technology (they were developed in part alongside Diamond Tables in America), Taiwanese ownership and Chinese labour. This brings their price point down well below the Aramith balls made in Belgium with European wage levels and subject to import taxes into Asian countries.

3.  They have more robust colouring. Cyclop balls are visibly brighter than the Aramith balls and feature newer colourings that are better matched to blue cloth.

4.  More reaction, more playing enjoyment. The Cyclop Hyperion cue ball is faster off the tip and more reactive than the Aramith cue ball, they generate significantly less static electricity and give a truer reaction to any spin applied.

Cyclop Hyperion come as standard with every Rhino Table. But if you have a different brand of pool table that currently uses Aramith or another brand – when should consider buying a set of Cyclop Hyperion?

– If you are not using Aramith upgrading to Cyclop Hyperion will make a significant difference to the playability of your table and can extend the lifetime of your cloth.

– If you’re getting bored with your table and want something different, the new Cyclop Hyperion balls are great looking, fun balls to have as another option for your table. They’re especially good for 9 ball and 10 ball pool and come with 20 balls per set, an extra cue ball and 3 “Dragon Balls”.

For more on the Cyclop Hyperion balls see this blog post:


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