RHINO Sport vs Other Brands

May 01, 2019

With the recent release of a table that looks exactly the same as the Rhino Sport into the Thailand market, we are being asked what the difference is between the Rhino Sport and these new tables.

So, here's why you should buy the Sport over the competition:

- 28 point slate levelling system for an perfectly flat playing surface that stays flat as the table ages. Ask your retailer if their table has this - it's a good idea on the 7ft & 8ft models and essential on the 9ft version.

- Cyclop Hyperion balls as standard. Cyclop Hyperion balls have completely changed the market for pool balls bringing better playing, better looking balls into the game at prices that leave the previous market leader Aramith looking very over-priced.

To put this into perspective if you compare the quality of Hyperion to the older technology used in Aramith, the closest Aramith make is this set:

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV

These balls sell for about 12,000 in Thailand. So if you want to do a true comparison of our table vs the competition you should ask your retailer for the table price including the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV. If they try to tell you that Cyclop Hyperion are not the same quality as Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV then you know you are dealing with people that either have no idea what they are talking about or will lie to get your money - either way it's a red flag.

For a more in depth look at look at Cyclop vs Aramith please see this blog post:


- The next thing to compare is does the table come with a light included. About 90% of people that buy our tables need lights, so with our high sales volume tables we include them in the price.

So when you do your price comparison you also need to get the other retailers to quote you for a light, if they include the light you probably won't be getting a comparable set of balls as well.

- Cloth. This point is not as clear cut as the others - people have different preferences with cloth. Some people like them slow, some people like them fast, some people don’t really care and just want a colour that matches their curtains.

However, if you are buying the table and plan to use it in an outdoor bar or on a home terrace for example, then our ANDY and RHINO cloth options all play much better in humid environments - they are designed specifically not to slow down in the humid SEA weather.

CPBA Competition (CPBA stands for Chinese Professional Billiards Association) is used on some of our competitor’s tables. It’s the same class standard of mid-market cloth as the ANDY 600 or RHINO 500 that we use on our 7ft & 8ft tables, but it’s much slower and much less durable. It will rip easier than ANDY or RHINO and playability wise it's very boring to play on. All 9ft Rhino Tables come with ANDY 988 cloth, which is a tournament grade cloth and regarded as one of the three very best cloths on the market.

ANDY are one of the biggest primary pool cloth producers in the World operating from a state of the art factory located just outside of Shanghai. They produce a wide range of top quality cloth that is used in Pool, Carom and Chinese 8 Ball and are regarded as being the best cloth maker in Asia, with their top end cloths being comparable to, or better than, anything Simonis make. You are now seeing the ANDY 988 being used more and more alongside Cyclop in the big international tournaments - CPBA also sponsor a few Chinese tournaments but are simply not in the same league in production, playability or durability as ANDY Cloth.

- Cushions. We use the very top production grade cushions available in Asia - the Taiwanese made Premier K55 Black (81% Rubber). The factory that make these cushions also make cushions for just about every major table manufacturer out there so the playability vs price is outstandingly good. Speed off the rail and rebound angle are as consistent as any cushion that we tried during the table development – we've made this table with Artemis and Klematch cushions during testing but they didn't make the table play any better, they just increased the price.

Make sure you ask your retailer what cushions they use and how they compare to the cushions on the Rhino Sport - chances are they won't have a clue.

The Rhino Sport Series of tables have best in class playability and are priced correctly for the quality of the table. Other retailers may have special offers and have headline rates below our all-inclusive prices, but ask them to include and a light and comparable ball set and the chances are they won’t do it. They’ll just say that Cyclop Hyperion and ANDY Cloth are not as good as budget Aramith balls and CPBA – try both tables for yourself and you will immediately understand how much better our tables play.