Cyclop vs Aramith

Cyclop vs Aramith

The Thailand pool scene has for many years had a healthy obsession with Aramith balls – the excellent balls from Saluc in Belgium (owned by the Simonis cloth company).

There is now however another option – Cyclop balls.

Both balls are made from Phonelic resin, a super hard material that is widely recognised as the optimum material for making billiards balls (but technically very difficult to manufacture). To date only Aramith and Cyclop have been able to produce balls using Phonelic resin.

Both sets of balls are tried and tested, excellent quality balls. However, after 20 years of research into the perfect pool ball Cyclop balls have produced a ball that has 3 key advantages over Aramith:

  1. Cyclop balls are more resistant to dirt than Aramith. One of the major downsides of the Aramith formula is that the balls get dirty very quickly and require constant cleaning to keep them in optimum playing condition. The Cyclop balls have been formulated to resist grease and chalk clinging to the ball surface and are much easier to clean as and when required.
  2. They are significantly cheaper. Cyclop balls are made with American technology (they were developed in part alongside Diamond Tables in America), Taiwanese management and Chinese labour. This brings their price point down well below the Aramith balls made in Belgium.
  3. They are brighter. Cyclop balls are visibly brighter than the Aramith balls and are available in the standard TV Cup Pro colours (Cyclop Athena) or the newer Tournament Colours (Cyclop Zeus).

So who should consider buying a set of Cyclop?

- Tables that currently use balls that are not Aramith – upgrading to Cyclop will make a significant difference to the quality of your table and extend the lifetime of your cloth.

- People that are tired of relentlessly having to clean their Aramith Balls to keep them playing properly.

- People that want something different – the Cyclop Zeus balls are great looking, fun balls to have as an option on your table. They’re especially good for 9 ball and 10 ball pool.

The Cyclop Athena (pink 4 & 12 balls) cost just 4500 Baht per set.

The Cyclop Zeus cost just 5500 Baht per set.

Compare these prices to Aramith and you will see why Cyclop balls have become so popular over the last couple of years.

Please note we are not saying the Aramith balls are in any way bad as they are excellent balls - we are simply pointing out the added benefits of using Cyclop balls.

Photo credit Alison Chang


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