Home  >  Pool Tables Blog  >  Pool Cloth Care POOL CLOTH CARE November 24, 2017 ANDY cloth is one of the most robust cloths on the market, but all pool table cloths require a bit of love and attention to keep them in top playing condition. For pool tables in bars and pool halls: Brush […]


Home  >  Pool Tables Blog  >  Cyclop Hyperion CYCLOP HYPERION April 09, 2019 Cyclop Hyperion are the latest addition to the Cyclop Pool Balls range of products. To buy a set in Thailand, please click here: Cyclop Hyperion With these balls Cyclop have made 3 key changes. Firstly and most obviously there are now 20 […]


Home  >  Pool Tables Blog  >  Andy Cloth ANDY CLOTH February 27, 2019 We often get asked – who is Andy? Andy is the name of the cloth we use as standard on all of our tables. It’s kind of weird with it being a common name in English, but we’ve gotten over that now […]

Cyclop vs Aramith

Home  >  Pool Tables Blog  >  Cyclop vs Aramith CYCLOP VS ARAMITH May  01, 2019 The international pool scene has for many years been dominated by Aramith balls – the Belgium pool ball maker owned by the same company that make the Simonis cloth. However in recent years a Taiwanese company has come along and shaken things […]