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February 27, 2019

We often get asked – who is Andy? Andy is the name of the cloth we use as standard on all of our tables. It’s kind of weird with it being a common name in English, but we’ve gotten over that now and appreciate it for what it is – a great playing, long life range of pool cloth at excellent prices.

The Andy factory make a vast range of napless pool cloth in over 20 different blends, Chinese 8-Ball cloth and Carom cloth. In fact the only cloth they don’t currently produce is snooker cloth, but this may change in the not too distant future.

We stock 4 different ranges of their cloth, each is distinct from each other in the way they play and what they cost.

1. Andy 600. In our opinion this cloth is for us the most enjoyable cloth on the market to play on. When combined with Cyclop Hyperion balls the result is a ball and cloth combination that allows average players to play with extreme spin on the cue ball and do things they would not be able to do on any other cloth.

The only downside to this cloth is that when the ball comes to a stop, it can track slightly. This is the trade-off for the ability to be able to effortlessly put so much spin on the ball – for 90% of players they either won’t notice the tracking or won’t care, but for the top 10% of players this could annoy them.

Available in Powder Blue, Electric Blue, Green, Burgundy, Gold, Camel, Purple and Black. Retail price is about $130 for cloth only.

2. Andy 900. This cloth is the hardest wearing cloth that Andy make and it’s brutally fast. It’s almost totally humidity resistant and as such is very popular with bars near the beach where it can get extremely humid – in a lot of places beach bars also equals drunk people so it’s hard wearing attributes make it perfect for this type of environment.

It’s that fast that we sometimes install it upside down, then you have a medium pace cloth that is not only extremely tough, but you also can flip it after a few month and use the other side making it last twice as long.

Available in Electric Blue and Red. Retail price is about $150 for cloth only.

3. Andy 920. This is a true playing, tournament grade commercial cloth. It’s very similar to Simonis 760 in the way it plays and feels to the touch, the main difference is that it lasts longer and costs less. It does play slightly different to Andy 988, possibly a bit slower, but there’s not much in it.

Available in Powder Blue, Electric Blue and Green. Retail price is about $180 for cloth only.

4. Andy 988. This cloth is the premium cloth from Andy the cloth you will see being used in many of the WPA ranking events – the biggest pool tournaments in the World. This cloth plays like Simonis 860HR when 860HR is first installed and before it slows down around 2-3 weeks later (as it always does). It keeps a medium/fast pace throughout the life of the cloth and will last longer than any other premium cloth on the market, whilst costing about 30% less.

It’s a well-balanced cloth that all levels of players love to play on. It’s in the top 5-6 cloths on the market and uses the same Australian Merino Wool as all the top cloth makers use – the weave technology and finishing are absolutely top class.

We often get asked what is better, Andy 988 or Simonis? We feel that Andy 988 is certainly on par quality wise with anything cloth made in Europe (both Simonis and Gorina), but with the innate ability of the Taiwanese manufacturers to make products at the lowest prices possible whilst maintaining top notch quality, it’s pretty obvious where the best value money will be found.

Available in Powder Blue, Electric Blue and Green. Retail price is about $200 for cloth only.

Product photography by Josh Sullivan

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