South East Asia’s best playing pool tables – Rhino Pool Tables

combine great looks, playability and price in a way that 

other table manufacturers cannot match.

Pool Tables

Rhino Pool Tables are all about value for money. We build them from the ground up to be first and foremost excellent playing tables – we believe that a pool table that is not addictive to play on is just a piece of furniture that takes up space that could be put to better use.

Of course they look great also and are made from top quality components that are built to last decades, not just years. Each and every pool table we sell comes with a 10 year no quibble guarantee on the structure and slate – all other table components are available in our Bangkok and Pattaya showrooms in the unlikely event anything else does need replacing.

If you’re looking for a pool table that plays great, looks fantastic and won’t break the bank – Rhino Pool Tables are for you.

Available in 7ft and 8ft sizes in black and wood finish, the Rhino Royale is the newest pool table in our range.

Each table comes with Rhino 500 Cloth, Dynasphere Balls and full accessory set. The slate is 3-piece, 25mm thick and every table comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame and slate.

The Rhino X Series Pool Tables mix industry leading playability with a price point that no other table manufacturer can match.

As with all Rhino pool tables it’s designed from the ground up to be highly addictive to play on – Dynasphere balls, Andy cloth and Taiwanese Premier K55 Black cushions come as standard.

If you’re after a pool table that looks stunning and plays in a way that can only be described as slightly addictive – then the Rhino Classic is for you.

We designed the Classic to fit into luxury homes and commercial establishments looking for something a bit different to the standard black pool table whilst sacrificing nothing in terms of playability – despite being a beautiful piece of furniture they still have that unique Rhino addictive playability that we build into all of our pool tables.

The Rhino Pro is our tournament grade table that offers the same level of playability normally only found on the bigger brand tables such as Diamond and Rasson.

However, unlike the bigger brand names we focus on making the tables exceptionally enjoyable to play on – we build the Rhino Pro with all levels of players in mind, those already at a very high standard and those wanting to raise their game to pro level standard.

Offering the same level of playability as tables that cost 2-3 times as much (or more) the Rhino Rampage is the best value for money tournament 9ft pool table in Thailand.

Built to stand the test of time with premium components from around the World – the Rhino Rampage sets a new standard at this price point.

Comes as standard with ANDY Premier cloth and Dynasphere balls for best in class playability and consistancy.